Graeme James

Graeme James is an internationally acclaimed foot-stomping folk artist rooted in the genre’s rich storytelling and musical traditions. His thrilling live shows are performed as a one-man band with the aid of a loop pedal to layer electric violin, guitar, banjo, bass, piano, baritone ukulele, mandolin, accordion, harmonica & percussion.

Graeme got his start as a street performer in Wellington, New Zealand before heading indoors and overseas where he continued to build a loyal fan base with his dynamic multi-instrumental soundscapes. He is currently based in New Zealand after a four year stint touring Europe and North America. With over 50 million streams on Spotify and features in publications like Indieshuffle and Rollingstone, his recorded music has journeyed ahead of him as he continues to travel the world and captivate new audiences.

Op zijn recent verschenen album ‘Starlight’ schuwt singer-songwriter Graeme James de lef en het avontuur niet. Neem bijvoorbeeld zijn ingetogen folkversie van ‘Starlight’ van de rockband Muse, de lome lenteversie van de soulklassieker ‘Lovely day’ van Bill Withers en de spannende muzikale vertaling van ‘No surprises’ van Radiohead. Recht uit zijn en ín ons hart. Hoewel hij solo optreedt, neemt hij een band mee met gitaar, banjo, bas, viool, ukelele, mandoline, harmonica en percussie.