Crossing Oceans | World Music concert

Born from the musical encounter between the brothers Ivan and Juliano Vendemiatti, the Crossing Oceans project manifests their artistic trajectories in collaboration, presenting in a playful and poetic way the mixture of traditions and cultures they have been immersed in for over a decade. Combining classical and ethnic-folkloric instruments, Ivan (transverse flutes) and Juliano (violin and fiddle), joined by Juliano Abramovay (fretless guitar and oud) and Lauriane Ghils (percussion), will present a dynamic repertoire inspired by Brazilian, Indian and Middle Eastern music, interweaving original works and pieces from renowned composers.

In addition to the music concert, Ivan and Juliano will offer a music workshop focused on the theory and practice of the foundations of Indian, Middle-eastern, and Brazilian traditional music, and their respective musical instruments.

All project activities are open to the general public, being accessible to wheelchair users. The concert is from 19.30 to 21.00. Tickets are free, reservation required.

Ivan Vendemiatti

Brazilian musician, composer, interdisciplinary artist and flute-maker. As an instrumentalist and teacher, he is mainly dedicated to transverse flutes (Brazilian Pifano/ Indian Bansuri). An enthusiast of body arts and interdisciplinarity, he also produces cultural events and workshops.

Disciple of Pt. Rupak Kulkarni and world-renowned master Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia at Vrindavan Gurukul Academy of Music in Mumbai and Bhubaneswar. He was also a student of Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia at the World Music department of Rotterdam Conservatory together with the National School of Paris teacher Henri Tournier and at Chinmaya University in Pune (India) with Pt. Rupak Kulkarni.

He has played and given workshops at music and dance events and festivals in cities in Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, France, Finland, Sweden, Portugal, USA, Canada, Malaysia and India.

Juliano Vendemiatti
Born in Brazil of Italian descent, Vendemiatti studied violin at the Ernst Mahle School of Music of Piracicaba, and later at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and at the Codarts University for the Arts in Rotterdam.
A multi-instrumentalist musician, interdisciplinary artist and somatic educator, he emphasizes the values of accessibility and democratization through integrative artistic and educational projects, being the recipient of multiple grants, awards, scholarships and sponsorships.
Vendemiatti is a certified Master Practitioner in Feldenkrais Mind Body Studies, with over a decade of experience leading both artistic and educational projects in various countries, including Germany, Italy, Brazil, Belgium, Nepal, with extended stays in India, USA, Netherlands and Japan.

Juliano Abramovay

Juliano Abramovay is a multi-instrumentalist musician and composer from São Paulo. While studying classical guitar at São Paulo’s Municipal School of Music, Juliano began to branch out from traditional guitar technique mastering fretless guitar, baglama and oud, as well as researching traditional music from Greece and Turkey. After studying with the ney master Kudsi Erguner, Juliano created projects that merge the melodic richness of the Eastern Mediterranean traditional music with his background as a Brazilian musician, with the projects Amazonon and Magma Project.

Lauriane Ghils – Musician

Lauriane Ghils is a percussionist and composer. She grew up in a musical family in Belgium, where her mother played the djembe and sang, and her father played the Indian sitar. At the age of six, Lauriane began playing the piano, and at 15, she began taking percussion lessons with the renowned teacher Osvaldo Hernandez. Here, she learned to play Latin American percussion instruments such as congas and bongos, as well as West African percussion instruments like the djembe and dunun, with multiple teachers. At the age of 17, she spent nine months in Brazil, where she organized a musical project for children with learning difficulties.
Lauriane studied for 2 years at the Jazz Studio Antwerp and completed a master’s degree in Latin Percussion at Codarts Rotterdam. She has taken lessons with renowned teachers such as Zoumana Dembele, Babara Bangoura, Gerardo Rosales, Nils Fischer, Lucas van Meerwijk, and Martin Verdonk. She has also played with artists such as Shirma Rouse and Kim Hoorweg at the North Sea Jazz Festival.