Out of the blue | Strange Strangers


25 juli 2020
Rietveld Theater
vanaf € 6,00

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(ENG) Out of the blue revolves around the reality of dreams. Danielle and Alexandra explore their reality by using the anxiety one can feel within a dream as an entry point for their creation. During the piece, they transmit the uncertainty and difficulty they have in facing the unknown. This is achieved by researching the REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) and how this stage affects their experience. By doing so, the audience joins them in their journey of intensity and rest, letting everyone be taken by their unconsciousness. Through conveying this experience, Danielle and Alexandra bring awareness on how we deal with confronting reality. ———

‘Strange Strangers’ is a multi-disciplinary collective. It was founded by Danielle Huyghe and Alexandra Verschuuren, and now together with composer, Guillem Gongora Moral they research intimate yet dark and confronting topics.

(NL) ‘Out of the Blue’ gaat over de realiteit van onze dromen en het testen van de grenzen van die realiteit. Hoe echt is ons bewustzijn en ons onbewustzijn? Dit onderzoeken Danielle Huyghe & Alexandra Verschuuren door de angst die we kunnen voelen in een droom te gebruiken als startpunt voor hun creatie.

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